Sacramento Licensed Dealer School

TriStar Motors LLC is the largest & oldest car dealer school in California.

Established in 1998 by three law enforcement trainers.

We do not sell any dealer product.

We can source the best vendors in the industry.

We do not push certificates and leave you hanging.

We strive to offer you the best dealer education in all of California.

Since the advent of Covid 19 DMV has relaxed the rules for dealer education and a handful of providers are offering on line training. Our experience has been that many students come to us after taking the competition’s online class. There is just too must information to absorb and use to build your dealership in an online setting. Build your license correctly from the start with dealer education from TriStar Motors LLC.

Our Sacramento Dealer School is administered by Azita Rezaei

Azita is an auto industry professional and the owner of AUTO OUTLET. Azita’s calm and patient demeanor will allow you in our one on one dealer school to absorb all of the information she has to offer and Azita will take the time to listen and answer all of your questions. Becoming a licensed used car dealer is an exciting prospect and we hope to teach you all you need to know to maintain compliance and become very profitable.

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